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Zhuhai Hongxiang Die-Casting Co., Ltd., was established in December 2005, mainly engaged in Zinc & Aluminum Die-Casting mold and Die-Casting products manufacturing, Small Air Compressor Manufacturing and post-processing (including grinding, polishing, drilling, tapping, sandblasting, wire drawing, polarized light, NC machining, milling, etc.), and supporting the painting, plating, CNC machining business collaboration.

Currently the production capacity of Zinc & Aluminum Die-Casting products about 1,800 tons, the product range includes: Mechanical and electrical, Appliances, Furniture, Lighting, Automobiles, Motorcycles, Telecommunications and other industries. Now, we have more than 700 types of Zinc & AluminumDie-Casting products .

Company's major customers include: ECHO Machinery Co., Ltd.(Japan), Fini Compressor Co., Ltd.(Italy) , SHARE Electric CO., LTD.(Italy), COPRECL Component Co., Ltd.(Spain), etc. more than 40 companys. And more than 90% of exports to the United States, Britain, Italy, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

We sincerely hope that,work hard in Die-Casting industry with honer partners, developing Die-market more better to our customers and make contributions.

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